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Everyting is here: music, reading, hammam, relaxing, meeting ...

Sometimes you will prefer to observe the social life from a certain distance before retiring into your private premises.

You have the possibility to choose from the cosy sitting places in the corners and nooks of DAR ZIRYAB and to discuss the day's events with your friends, play chess, or just relax. Here you can listen to the carefully selected sounds of Andalousian-Arab music, you can appreciate the poetry of classic Oriental music and the Gnaoua trance songs or the hollow beat of the Sahara drums will allow you to drift into another realm...

Next to the traditional restaurant with its beautiful carved wood ceiling, you will find the Gelssa, the cosy sitting corner with its thick cushions, which is the main part of every Arabic house. Here you will participate in the social life with the family and the other guests. There Si Jalil will invite you into the fascinating traditions of Morocco and its peoples. This will all contribute to helping you experience the Oriental life style during your stay. You will be living in the larger family of your host and his guests, yet have the possibility to retire into privacy at any time. You can also watch German, French and English TV satellite programs or watch an interesting video film.



The DAR ZIRYAB library includes a series of selected works in various languages about the country's architecture, its traditions and legends, its literature, religion and philosophy. You will also have the latest publications and magazines on Morocco at your disposal. Our guests are welcome to use the fax that is placed in the reading corner. You can also use our home computer and access the internet from there.



DAR ZIRYAB will give you an insight into the authentic cuisine of Fes. In addition to the typical Moroccan dishes usually presented to tourists, the DAR ZIRYAB restaurant serves some exquisite preparations made personally by Nadia, Si Jalil's wife, according to the family tradition. The recipes are mostly taken from the family heritage held by El Hadja Fatima, Si Jalil's mother, who follows what happens in the kitchen with a critical eye.

Moroccan cuisine, especially Fes cuisine, is a blend of the most sophisticated elements of Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine added to the hot spices and tasty preparations introduced by African slaves. Each meal is a feast of its own for which it is worthwhile to take time and leisure.

A glass of hot mint tea along with the finest almond pastry aromatized with orange flower water completes your meal.

By and by you will forget your everyday stress, relax and let the Oriental art of living take you into a world of pleasure and contemplation. Time has another value here - offer yourself the luxury to rediscover this!

These are some of the delicious dishes offered in DAR ZIRYAB:

- Beef or lamb Tajin with quinces and cinnamon
- Beef or lamb Tajin with artichoke hearts and peas
- Beef or lamb Tajin with artichoke stems, lemon and olives
- Beef or lamb Tajin with squash and okra

and the classical dishes:

Pigeon Pastilla
- Couscous with seven vegetables
- Lamb or beef kebab
- Beef or lamb Tajin with prunes
- Chicken Tajin with lemon.



The hammam - an Oriental steam bath - is a main feature of the Moroccan art of living. We are proud to invite you to the DAR ZIRYAB hammam built in traditional style and decorated with the typical zellidj mosaic tiles and the famous tadellakt, a wall covering technique of the 12th century originated in Marrakesh. You will enjoy being in an authentic setting to experience the ritual of the highly appreciated hammam event. Starting with the ghassoul, a moor earth specially prepared with plants and essences which smooth both skin and hair as well as massages and a series of Oriental fragrances, you will find all the ingredients that will contribute to making you feel perfectly well and relaxed.



Hidden behind an elaborately expanding thick hedge composed of voluptuous fragrances, lies an enchanting garden with romantic garden chairs and wrought iron tables. You will enjoy the blooming flowers and the soothing green of the grass, the leaves and the palm trees all through the year. Here a dreamy arbour, there an open space on the well kept lawn - everything is there to suit your passing mood.



DAR ZIRYAB also offers you a private garage and its own parking space.