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Dar Ziryab

A collection of modern art mixes with the art of  handcrafting

Have you always been attracted by the Orient?

Morocco has a special position as a link between Africa and the Orient. It is a country full of contrasts and colours with a rich and diversified cultural heritage that is as yet unknown to all but a few connoisseurs.

Much better known is the classical tour of the Moroccan royal cities, including maybe a short excursion to the Sahara or a stay in a well-known sea resort such as Agadir. Yet Morocco has much more to offer, especially to those who wish to discover the hidden treasures of a country beyond the crowded tourist routes. But how can that be achieved if you can't spare enough time in Morocco to establish the necessary contacts that will give you a deeper insight into authentic Moroccan Oriental life? Many months or even years would be necessary for that...

In DAR ZIRYAB, you can make your dream become reality. We invite you to spend an unforgettable time in Fes, in the very heart of Morocco, where you will be received according to the ancient Oriental rules of sacred hospitality, without having to miss out on modern Western comforts.

You will stay in a private villa that will be your Oriental home. DAR ZIRYAB is not a huge hotel with impersonal professionalism. It is much more like an elegant B&B residence where you will be transposed into an Oriental family atmosphere - in which you will feel at ease even if you are not an Oriental!

That is what makes Dar Ziryab a very special place: your host is a connoisseur of Oriental art who has been working for 30 years as a tourist guide and who has a perfect knowledge of the fields of interest and the expectations of his American, European and other foreign guests thanks to his huge experience.

Having led groups for more than 20 years all over Morocco he began some ten years ago to realize a wish that had been slowly ripening in his mind through the years: he wants to offer his guests more than just a superficial - unfortunately often distorted - view of his country and of its culture.

So stone by stone he started to build a villa which includes every single detail of the Moroccan art of living. To decorate this Oriental jewel, Jalil El Hayar, your host, collected works of art from all parts of Morocco with the skilled eye of an expert. From works of art by modern Moroccan painters such as Kacimi, Fouad Belamine, Miloud, Bennani and Belkahya, through old textiles from Tetouan and tribal rugs to antique and modern items of ceramic art as well as wood and leather you will find in Dar Ziryab a rich variety of Moroccan treasures. They are skilfully displayed in the many nooks, corners and staircases to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere, subtly soothing yet essentially refreshing.

With his knowledge of Moroccan art, Si Jalil took advantage of every opportunity during his trips to collect beautiful pieces of Moroccan handicraft from the remotest parts of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The villa is named after Ziryab, a fine musician and scholar of genius at Harun Rashid's court in Baghdad who emigrated to Cordoba in the 9th century. He introduced the refined culture of the Oriental court to Andalusia thus contributing to the greatness of its art and culture.

The Dar Ziryab's calligraphic logo expresses Si Jalil's interest in music and Arabic culture: it is the design of a lute, one of the classical Arabic music instruments, drawn entirely in Arabic letters.

Jalil is a host who stays discreetly in the background, yet is always there to ensure you feel at ease. Attentive to all that you may be interested in he introduces you into the Oriental art of living and offers your senses the many pleasures that will help you forget the stress of everyday life, and relax.

In Dar Ziryab you will find skilfully combined fragrances of the blooming hedge protecting Dar Ziryab from indiscreet looks, selected sounds of Arabic Moorish and the outstanding taste of the finest dishes completed by the 1001 magic ingredients for a memorable stay in the most fascinating city of the Kingdom of Morocco.